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Harrisburg City Cemetery

David Williams

The Harrisburg City Cemetery is the largest in the county, founded in 1880, connected to the west edge of the city. The Cemetery contains ornate tombstones and crypts, within which are the remains of most of the city's original founders and prominent residents. Sunset Hill contains the 100+ year-old Sunset Mausoleum. The crypt has marble floors, with 75 persons buried inside. The Cemetery is spread out over 50 acres and is comprised of Sunset Lawn, Sunset Hill, and Sunset Garden.


Office Hours are:

7 a.m - 3 p.m.  Monday - Friday


1250 West Sloan, Harrisburg Illinois 62946


Phone number:

618-23-7451 ext. 6  

Public Notices :


  We try our best to keep the Cemetery looking good.  If you see anything that needs our attention, please let us know!

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